Laura & Saroj

September 9th 2016


Being the photographer for my wedding was not going to be an easy task. For a start I was an unusual bride, and I didn’t want to be the centre of attention! Not an easy task for a person who is trying to capture a wedding day in the special and rememberable way it should be. Andrew was amazing. As well as being a central part to the wedding party due to his warm personality and ability to get on with absolutely everyone, he also managed to capture myself, my husband and all members of the wedding party in such a natural and subtle way. The photographs he took are the perfect reminder of exactly how I experienced the day. He included everyone, and captured the love that I felt during the whole day. I can not thank him enough. I also can not recommend him enough. Still now, months after my wedding, I hear from my friends about what a pleasure he was to have around, he was more part of the wedding party than a photographer. He adapts to exactly what you wish for, and he does it perfectly and totally from the heart.

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