Essex 2017

December 23rd 2017


My wife and I, couldn’t of asked for a more genuine, honest, caring photographer, who just made the day complete. We had fears that the photographer for our wedding, would feel like an annoyance and potentially be a bit pushy to, ‘capture that forced moment’, however......from the moment we met Andy, we knew, all our worries would and had disappeared. His attention to detail and loving attitude, was the very essence that helped us capture all of those natural and loving moments, of our special, once in a lifetime day. During the day, Andy, made my wife and myself feel extremely comfortable and to the point that we weren’t even aware that Andy had taken half of the amazing photos he did. We loved the traditional photos of course, but, it takes a real keen and attentive eye, to truly capture those natural moments which Andy did and does so well! We couldn’t recommend Andy enough, as we feel and know, he was meant to be apart of our day and we feel that he is meant to be apart of any couple’s day, as we couldn’t have captured how special of a day it was for us, without him. We owe Andy a lot, as through him, we get to relive our day through his photos! Thank you Andy!

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